Ryan Mertens, Olympic Hopeful: Bobsled!

We recently introduced the coolest hat in America for clients of the coolest little gym in America in celebration of their victory over their bodies by achieving a body fat percentage of under 10%.

Ryan Mertens, a client out of Salt Lake City who trains with us for a week out of every six in preparation for the Winter Olympics in 2014, was at 18.7% body fat in April.  That’s where his steady decline began.   With his insane determination, a ridiculously strong work ethic, and an appreciation for a cool hat, Ryan was re-measured at 10.8% on 6/29!

But, of course, not quite good enough to join the elite, MAN UP! club.  Three days later, training like. . . . well, an athlete should. . . . he actually did it!  He was measured again just three days later at 9.9% and stands leaner than ever before.

Here’s a bit of his former self in action. . . . 


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