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Charles Antis Mans Up!

Charles Antis, CEO and founder of Antis Roofing, is a leader in the community and a leader in Orange County business.

He came to us with goals of becoming more fit, regain some of the energy of his youth, and get under 10% body fat. This video is a celebration of achieving those goals. The “Man Up” hat is his trophy.

Charles started at 16% body fat; six months later he is at 9% and “. . . . [doesn’t] ever remember feeling this good.”

Amanda Plant Mans Up!

Amanda Plant, after many months of hard work reached the challenging threshold of under 10% body fat!

Anne Manassero Man’s Up!

Anne Manassero started with us at over 16% body fat. . . .4 months later, 9.1!

Mindy McDonnell Earns Her Man Up Hat!

Tyson Jacobsen Earns His Man Up Hat!

Hard work earned Tyson the coveted and elusive Man Up! hat in just 2 months!

Chris Gautreau at STARK

After 8 months of training hard, starting at 17.2% body fat, Chris is now at 9.3%!



Look at Pam Kee…

Look at Pam Keefe’s progress in just a couple of months!


Gary Matthews, Jr. Mans Up!

Check out MLB player Gary Matthews, Jr. getting after it this off-season in the gym!

Jenny Vande Hei Mans Up!

Look at my baby sister go! Congratulations on being one of the leanest women at Stark!