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Charles Antis Mans Up!

Charles Antis, CEO and founder of Antis Roofing, is a leader in the community and a leader in Orange County business.

He came to us with goals of becoming more fit, regain some of the energy of his youth, and get under 10% body fat. This video is a celebration of achieving those goals. The “Man Up” hat is his trophy.

Charles started at 16% body fat; six months later he is at 9% and “. . . . [doesn’t] ever remember feeling this good.”

Amanda Plant Mans Up!

Amanda Plant, after many months of hard work reached the challenging threshold of under 10% body fat!

Mindy McDonnell Earns Her Man Up Hat!



Look at Pam Kee…

Look at Pam Keefe’s progress in just a couple of months!


Gary Matthews, Jr. Mans Up!

Check out MLB player Gary Matthews, Jr. getting after it this off-season in the gym!

Jenny Vande Hei Mans Up!

Look at my baby sister go! Congratulations on being one of the leanest women at Stark!

Jeff Jones Crushes Super Accumulation!

I’ve gotta tell you….Jeff Jones is one of the toughest clients we’ve had pass through our facility in a long time. He trains hard, has a perfect diet and is always early for his workouts!

The final challenge for him was a Super Accumulation workout created for elite athletes, bringing them to their knees (in their 20’s). This guy was still standing on the last day!

Tana Amen Mans Up!

Check out our client, Tana Amen, under 10% and getting after it in the gym, earning her ManUp! hat.

Dr. Daniel Amen, under 10!

This is an exciting one! Dr. Daniel Amen, New York Times best-selling author, surpassed the 10% body fat threshold. He’s worked hard at it for months. . . . look at those guns!